As our core principle is doing ‘What’s right for the Child’, we have tailored our curriculum to suit each and every child. Children here are not mere roll numbers but independent individuals and we strive with our heart and soul for the development of their uniqueness. The Concept based methodology which caters to the Multiple Intelligence (MI) followed by us helps children to think, comprehend, perform and thus helps them assimilate the concepts which last for their lives.

Education at SAMSIDH MLZS is an amalgamation of knowledge, skill and core values.


Technology is integrated into curriculum by Providing Resources like

  • Fully networked educational environment
  • Learning Resource Centre in the form of Math lab, Gen science lab, Lang lab and SS lab.
  • Computer Lab with High Speed network
  • Extensive Library Resources
  • Internet Access in all classrooms
  • Specialists in Music / Dance
  • Environment Education
  • Sports Education

All these Resources cater to different learning styles of individual

  • Develops innate curiosity and motivation to learn by presenting difficult concepts in concrete practical ways.
  • The environment is both cooperative and collaborative which is conducive to help each child learn at his / her pace.
  • Collaborative learning community.
  • Safe and caring learning environment for students.
  • An inclusive educational setting with a focus on early interventions.
  • Strong Parental involvement.

Life Skills

We at SAMSIDH MLZS understand that building leadership skills is critical for the 21st century leaders. We invest in inculcating this skill in the students by exposing them to variety of programs, organizations and opportunities as a part of the curriculum. These inspire them to get involved and grow into the leaders of tomorrow. This in turn will help them to improve their complete personality and compatibility therefore enabling them to secure a respectable position in the world.

Life Skills is an interactive program to promote personal development by means of narrating stories and realistic situations, which are role-played by the children in a team after discussing the solution with their group. Team games are conducted to observe group participation, communicating ideas, experience difference in opinions, listening skills, empathizing and to realize the potential in each child.

" Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves. Is that not also an essence of good teaching ? ”
Stephen R Covey


The assessments are done continuously in all the subjects for all the lessons, but without any pressure on the students. Most often, the children are not even aware that they are being assessed. The assessments are not mere paper- pen tests which test only the knowledge or the memory of the students, but hands on activities which assess the understanding through application.

From Grade VI onwards, the school follows the CBSE patt????ern of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation [CCE] comprising four Formative Assessments and two Summative Assessments. Formative Assessments are activities through which the understanding of the content and the application of the same in a situation by the children are assessed, and the Summative Assessments are the end of the term examinations through which their knowledge and understanding of the content are assessed.

The wide variety of information collected of the student helps the student to identify, ‘where I am now’ and where I want to be’ in the teaching and learning experience.


Student Life


SAMSIDH MLZS follows a structured Sport Curriculum. Games here are not mere running around the field, but an organized developmental physical and mental activity. We identify the skills and advice the parents.


The School has various clubs like the Literary Club, the Photography Club, the Environment Club, The Cookery Club etc. Students from Grade III onwards can opt for a club of their choice and pursue their choice.


The school provides the students the facility to learn classical music and dance, Key Board and Theatre Classes to enhance their artistic talens. Art and Craft is an intrinsic part of the student curriculum.


Right from Grade I, the students are grouped under four Houses. Through various Intra and Inter House activities, competitions etc, the qualities of leadership, team spirit and healthy competitive spirit is built in the students. These year long CCA Activities help them in realizing their potential and honing their skills.