• To help every students discover his / her unique potential. The philosophy and approach is based on a learner centric pedagogy, where we believe that every child is unique and has a different learning style.
  • To build competencies required for the child to become 21st century leader and innovator.

Our staff is selected on the basis of their educational qualifications, relevant experience, and their attitude towards learning & and learners. They have a firm belief in our stated aim.

  • The teachers are trained over 3 levels annually.
  • Teachers are trained on Integrated methodology of teaching.
  • Mentors are identified and trained to be master trainers.
  • The Mentors will be able to effectively review and guide other team members.

It is 1:10.

We follow continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) as per CBSE guidelines. Every academic year is divided into formative and summative assessments-Units and terms. Refer www.samsidhmlzs.com/academics.html for more details.

The students are corrected and not punished. Child centric measures are adopted, the teachers and other adults are trained to be proactive and find solutions along with the children. No corporal punishment is permitted.

We teach the child the way he/she learns. Our teaching methodology addresses all types of learners. For further details refer ENRICHMENT PROGRAM under www.samsidhmlzs.com/academics.html


Through the following :

  • Parents can log into ACE, a School management system, that acts as a communication channel between school and parents
  • Open forums - Discussions happen about current issues
  • Seminars – Two seminars will be conducted in every school facilitated by Zee Learn
  • Parent Teacher Meet - Last week of the month
  • Open house – At the end of every term

The institution follows the Cbse Pattern of Evaluation and Content. The method of delivery is supported by the Zee learn framework. The methodology is followed in all MOUNT LITERA ZEE SCHOOL which has branches on a Pan India basis.

Our vision is executed with the help of the CONCEPT BASED METHODOLOGY- our differentiator. We concentrate on preparing 80% of students to be leaders and not the mere top 20%.

The school is equipped with first aid facility and also maintains association with hospitals in nearby proximity.

The school believes in preparing the children for facing the challenges of the future. The children are exposed to immense number of competitions to expose them to the competitive needs of the society and to help them identify their potential. Our methodology prepares the children to face any competition.

Homework is sent periodically which does not cause stress to the child. The school does not stress on the quantity of writing but on the quality- a medium of expressing their creative thinking skill.

The housekeeping staff are given continuous training on handling children (I care sessions are conducted) and in maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the school. We ensure that no child is left alone in the school premises and the building is on CCTV surveillance. The children are accompanied at all times by a female housekeeping staff.

Technology is integrated into curriculum by Providing Resources like

  • Fully networked educational environment
  • Learning Resource Centre in the form of Math lab, Gen science lab, Lang lab and SS lab.
  • Computer Lab with High Speed network
  • Extensive Library Resources
  • Internet Access in all classrooms
  • Specialists in Music / Dance
  • Environment Education
  • Sports Education

All these Resources cater to different learning styles of individual

  • Develops innate curiosity and motivation to learn by presenting difficult concepts in concrete practical ways.
  • The environment is both cooperative and collaborative which is conducive to help each child learn at his / her pace.
  • Collaborative learning community.
  • Safe and caring learning environment for students.
  • An inclusive educational setting with a focus on early interventions.
  • Strong Parental involvement.