The morning starts with a prayer which helps in honing their focus towards the day’s activities.  The children recite the Zee Anthem and the Value Anthem every day so that they are able to get these values inherently.



Choice of language


Other activities - Cne activity from each category to be chosen


Association with Organisation

  • Kids for Tiger: The school is associated with Kids for Tiger, an organization which aims at creating awareness among children about the biodiversity in India. This organization aims at sensitizing the students about how saving tigers and forest helps in the  preservation of nature and the conservation of ecology of nature
  • British council: the school is associated with the British council and participates in various international collaborative projects and undertakes workshops conducted by them to gain insight into international perspective and to improve the core skills of both the teacher and he taught
  • Sahodaya cluster: The school is a member of the Sahodaya cluster (CBSE group of schools) which conducts various competition and workshops for students and teachers to encourage and provide exposure in various fields of education
  • Asset and National Science Olympiad: The school encourages students to participate in these events to evaluate their performance on a national level and to introduce them to the competitive exams
  • People Leadership Academy: The school participates in the inter-school speech contest and workshop conducted by People Leadership Academy to help students improve their communication skills

Co- Curricular Activities: Apart from all these activities, the school also dedicates two hours in a week to conduct inter-house and inter-class competitions to provide an opportunity for students to participate and challenge themselves in  various art and skills competitions.