Top 10 Indian healthy food for your child

Last year, a leading daily reported that a range of 2.9 to 14.3 per cent school children in our country suffered from obesity and 1.5 to 2.4 per cent of them were overweight. This is a trend observed in the cities but Tier 2 is not far behind. The cause of this is a no brainer. Accessibility to junk and processed foods and lack of physical activity are the key culprits. A study confirmed that out of 13,200 children who took part in the survey, 93% of them consumed packaged foods, 68% indulged in sugar-sweetened beverages and a shocking 53% had either of the two every day! 


Collaborate with teachers and work wonders for your kids!

With children spending close to 8 hours of their time in a day at school and probably a few more hours in extra-curricular activities, keeping a track on minute aspects becomes difficult. At an age where growth is rapid and the grasping capacity is huge, any kind of influence might affect the moulding of their personalities. Parents of wards in school therefore always have concerns that involve child’s learning on a day-to-day basis, behaviour in school, interaction with teachers and other children, participation in class, activities that are conducted and the ward’s participation in the same etc. 


How Samsidh helps in creating morally responsible citizens

What are the odds that one’s good deeds are rewarded decades later? Here’s a gist of one such act. A kind lady once paid for a young ticketless traveller out of compassion, who was in a deplorable condition. Due to her poor background and difficult times, the girl was not only offered monetary help for the ticket, but shelter and education to empower herself. The obedient girl achieved her dreams and was even able to travel to the US and settle into a good life. One day, unexpectedly the sponsor of the girl, on one of her travels, faced a pleasant surprise while checking out of her hotel. Her bills settled by the very same girl with gratitude whose train tickets were taken care of.  The true act of compassion had yielded such happiness and well-being to one and all. The compassionate lady is none other than the Chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Ms Sudha Murthy.


10 simple ways to teach your children about being organized

How often do you get phone calls from school by your child, asking you to drop a forgotten book, project or some other school material? Is it almost an everyday incident that your child forgets his/her stationeries, lunch box and other items back in the school? Do you get to hear of last minute assignments on a Sunday night? Or lastly, do you have to have to chase your children even at home to finish chores or study?


How science changed the world in a century?

It is said that evolution occurred over millions of years leading to a lot of gradual changes. But if one were to map the changes that have occurred over the last hundred years, it has changed the world in a way that is beyond imagination. It is difficult to grapple with the changes that have occurred even in the last five years. From relativity theory to discover of the milky way and a man setting foot on the moon; discoveries in the field of biology and medicine, inventing drugs for previously incurable diseases; the invention of motorcycles to hyperloop, telephones to wireless technology and cloud computing, drones & even self-driving cars. The list goes on and on as inventions and discoveries are taken place even as we speak.


How our eating habits affect our lifestyle and how to overcome them?

Being well into the summer, we can’t get enough of various ways to beat the heat. Cold soft drinks, soda and other aerated drinks, smoothies, milkshakes, ice-creams and other cold things to eat and drink is all that we can think of. We want to consume everything chilled and right off the refrigerator. Although there is enough awareness that the best food to consume during the heat wave is fruits and vegetables, we often head towards a quick solution.


Samsidh, A 21st century school

How does one know what is the best way to educate one’s child in today’s times? Which is the best board of affiliation? How does one judge and select the right school? What facilities should be found in the school to call it ‘fit’? And will it understand the requirements of the child?


Bengaluru today has 2750 recognized schools.  The parameters that are to be considered for an ideal school might differ individually as per one’s requirements. But one small wrong foot can have cascading effects on the child’s future. It is the formative years that count the most by laying a strong foundation. So how does one decide what is the best?

Why Sports is Given Importance at Samsidh Group Of Schools ?

On average, a child in the urban area spends about eight hours in the school, some opt for tutorials
post-school hours; studies and school work might take up another two hours. This leaves the child with
hardly any dedicated hours for sports activities on a day to day basis.

This is mainly due to the pressures of rat-race that most of the children are often involuntarily subjected
to. Anxious parents, with best interests for their wards, unknowingly restrict the child’s exposure to mere

Values That Make People Successful

To begin with, who is a successful person? How does one define success? Someone who is rich and
famous; a well-known business tycoon; a politician; perhaps someone who has multiple degrees. The list
can go on. What may seem like an achievement to one, may seem otherwise to another.


Apart from human factors, environment also plays a key role in helping a person achieve and this may not be the
same for everyone. Success is, therefore, a highly subjective term.
If one comes to wonder about what makes these people successful, the answers to it as stated can also
get individualistic. It differs from person to person as the area of achievement could be varied.

Parents’ Role in Reducing Technology Addiction

The comparison image of a mother in the yesteryears pulling her child by his/her ear into the house to
study versus the image of a mother forcing her child to leave behind the gadget and pushing him/her
outdoors to play. This quick change in scenario is something that we are all familiar with.


A common scene at homes today is that of the youngsters fidgeting with their phones at all times. A second’s time
without the mobile makes them anxious. There exists a compulsion to check every notification that
crops up.