SAMSIDH MLZS is an earnest endeavour by the SAMSIDH Group to impart quality education to children of today so that they blossom into enterprising  adults of tomorrow ready to face any challenges thrown at them by the world.

Each child is unique and special, ‘so one size fits all‘  concept will not work here. 

The purpose of establishing SAMSIDH MLZS is to help children realize their true potential.  This , we do  through the  structured pedagogy, well trained and qualified teachers, state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.

SAMSIDH Group has collaborated with ZEE Learn, the educational  wing of ESSEL Group for the structured proprietary pedagogy and content.

Our Schools are affiliated with the CBSE Board and follow the K-12 Curriculum of the same.  What differentiates us from the rest of the CBSE schools is the fact that every lesson in every subject across the grades, teaches values in addition to the knowledge and skills. Values are not taught separately as moral science classes but are intertwined in the curriculum. 

We follow the student centric curriculum and children learn the concepts with the teachers acting as facilitators. Hence, teacher training and teacher development is of utmost priority for us.  All our teachers are very highly qualified,  possess excellent content knowledge and communication skills.  They are also proficient in progressive teaching methodology to cater to Multiple Intelligences. 

Value education begins at home.

Parents expect their children to conduct themselves in the most appropriate manner, be it at home or school but most of the time they severely fail to instil the right values in them. Most of the  schools believe that the right attitude, ethics and values have to be inculcated at home. But  our school is an exception. We inculcate the values to our children on a daily basis as we know that values cannot be taught, they have to be caught. The best way to teach this is for us adults to be the role models for our children.

SAMSIDH MLZS thus provides an environment which promotes order, a love for learning, a connection to the world and a sense of social responsibility and help children grow into adults with a deeply entrenched moral fibre.

 - Ms. Rema Nandakumar