It’s not what is poured into a student that counts but what is planted
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Greetings Parents and Families of Samsidh Mount Litera Zee Scchool !

 My passion for creating an encouraging environment where all learners feel respected, cared for, loved, and eager to learn has been shaped over the past 14 years as an English educator, Head of the Department, Academic Co-ordinator, Teacher Trainer and Content Writer. I have sought to ensure the success of each student and the School, by providing the best instructional and extracurricular opportunities and support possible in each of my roles.

My greatest initiative is to provide the leadership that will facilitate the school environment to provide differentiated instruction to meet the needs of each student to the best of our ability. The educational program must be academically challenging, engage each student by linking the curriculum to previous knowledge and experience, and also be exciting to promote further exploration of new ideas.

We aim to impart quality education to the students and foster them to become compassionate, wise, empathic and altruistic individuals who can contribute tremendously towards the society and the nation.

Our values of Compassion, Humility, Integrity, Authenticity, Open Mindedness and Growth Mindsets are behind everything we do as an abode of learning. Our students are happy here. They have a huge number of opportunities in sports and creative pursuits.

The education at Samsidh MLZS is dedicated to kindle creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking in the child. Learning the significance of tolerance and discipline, respect, values and integrity towards each other has been a priority.

Parents, Teachers, Facilitators/Support staff and Administration, all have an important role to encourage our children to become active learners. It is our sincere desire to provide expanded opportunities for our students to acquire the skills and values to become productive citizens in a vastly changing society.

Through a close and collegial partnership with everyone associated with Samsidh Mount Litera Zee School, I am confident we can together make our School a best place for our students to learn and grow.

Let’s build a community of Happy and Self –motivated learners.

-  Meetali Archit