Why Sports is Given Importance at Samsidh Group Of Schools ?

On average, a child in the urban area spends about eight hours in the school, some opt for tutorials
post-school hours; studies and school work might take up another two hours. This leaves the child with
hardly any dedicated hours for sports activities on a day to day basis.

This is mainly due to the pressures of rat-race that most of the children are often involuntarily subjected
to. Anxious parents, with best interests for their wards, unknowingly restrict the child’s exposure to mere

Values That Make People Successful

To begin with, who is a successful person? How does one define success? Someone who is rich and
famous; a well-known business tycoon; a politician; perhaps someone who has multiple degrees. The list
can go on. What may seem like an achievement to one, may seem otherwise to another.


Apart from human factors, environment also plays a key role in helping a person achieve and this may not be the
same for everyone. Success is, therefore, a highly subjective term.
If one comes to wonder about what makes these people successful, the answers to it as stated can also
get individualistic. It differs from person to person as the area of achievement could be varied.

Parents’ Role in Reducing Technology Addiction

The comparison image of a mother in the yesteryears pulling her child by his/her ear into the house to
study versus the image of a mother forcing her child to leave behind the gadget and pushing him/her
outdoors to play. This quick change in scenario is something that we are all familiar with.


A common scene at homes today is that of the youngsters fidgeting with their phones at all times. A second’s time
without the mobile makes them anxious. There exists a compulsion to check every notification that
crops up.

Best NEW YEAR Resolution for School Students

New year resolutions for students
“It is not in doing what you like, but in liking what you do that is the secret of happiness”
James M Barrie

This to me seems a simple Mantra of success in life, especially student life, the bedrock of once future.
If your aim is meaningful education, then a goal-oriented approach towards the expected result is the
Each educational program comes with too much to be accomplished in too little a time. This requires
determination, planning and subsequent action. What better time than New Year there could be to
begin this process, below we look at certain essential ingredients of student new year resolutions.

The Best Parenting Approach to Your Child's Development


As the saying in English goes, “All work and no Play makes Jack a Dull boy”. It has been
forgotten that academic learning and sports education complement each other. They resemble the
two sides of the same coin. If sports education is carried out accompanied with the academic
curriculum, the overall personality of the student is increased to quite an extent. The qualities of
the leadership, sharing, team spirit and tolerance are learnt from sports.

Importance of Spending Quality time with Children



In this time-starved world driven by technology, life is much more complicated than it was in
previous generations. Technology has shrunk the world and the flip side of this is that people need to be
available at all times. The only excuse is the 6 hours of sleep that still acts as a savior. It does not matter
if it’s a national holiday, festival or weekends. People are finding it increasingly difficult to break off from
work and work-related communication. Bringing work home is no more a concern, as it’s on our necks
24/7. How much can we shake it off to bring that element of happiness and bonding in our family life
and how much importance do we give for family time and shaping our children’s future is what
determines our parenting model.

Beating Exam Stress


Anyone aspiring to achieve academic excellence and striving to give their best goes through exam stress. It is unavoidable and with all certain circumstances, using it constructively or otherwise is in our hands. First of all, the reasons for exam stress are to be analysed – peer pressure, high expectations from oneself or parents, lacking confidence or preparation are among the few.  It is important not to let exam stress get the better of us, but use it as a step ladder to optimise our performance. There are ways to reduce exam stress and to channelise the energy we spend in stressing ourselves out.

Why Ethics in School is Important


Values are rules from which we make our personal decisions about what is right and what is wrong, good or bad. Values help direct us to what is more important and past what are less important. This helps guide us when making decisions.

Ethics and ethical behavior are no less prevalent or important in education.

Building Character in Your Child Helps them to be Successful

Success in a child’s life is a distinction in sports, education or any field that the student may choose to be a career. Success for an adult is climbing up the professional ladder. In this fast-paced and competitive world, there is rarely time to preach about integrity and happiness. While the majority of us religiously follow the rules for family bonding time, take the frequent vacations, how much of character building does happen? We advise our children on etiquette and behavioural ethics, but how much do they absorb?

This is what happens when you stay focused


“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

Exam times are not the only reasons for children to stay focused. Keeping their attention and concentration on the lessons as they are being taught is more crucial than just during exam times. And if they are taught the art of practicing focus, it becomes second nature to them thereby eliminating the need to be on their backs their whole lives.

Technological advances have brought with them a whole load of distractions by means of social media, movies and books all at the click of a button. Children spend maximum time online; some surf and some study. So is this article an advice to parent to ban social media and all electronic gadgets from children’s lives? Certainly not. A happy child with a happy mind is the basis for focus and depriving them is only going to make them sulk and is going to take their minds away from studies than ever.