Solutions to Handle Peer Pressure



Trying to seem cool, wanting to be liked, fear of criticism – these are some of the reasons why children give into peer pressure. It is not something we can escape from; as long as we remain social animals, all of us are subject to peer pressure at all stages in our lives. Adults have come quite a distance in life to have some understanding and clarity about their needs, desires, and capabilities and hence are better equipped to handle peer pressure without giving in or buckling up. But the condition and mentality of children is way different especially those of adolescents. Teens and preteens start developing certain notions and have an utmost longing to be appreciated and liked. Coupled with their raging hormones, their emotions can play truant if not channelized in the right direction.

Importance of Spending Quality time with Children



In this time-starved world driven by technology, life is much more complicated than it was in
previous generations. Technology has shrunk the world and the flip side of this is that people need to be
available at all times. The only excuse is the 6 hours of sleep that still acts as a savior. It does not matter
if it’s a national holiday, festival or weekends. People are finding it increasingly difficult to break off from
work and work-related communication. Bringing work home is no more a concern, as it’s on our necks
24/7. How much can we shake it off to bring that element of happiness and bonding in our family life
and how much importance do we give for family time and shaping our children’s future is what
determines our parenting model.

21st Century Parenting

21st Century Parenting

Parenting has changed completely from what it used to be in the past, most especially as more Parents are
taking up time-consuming careers and going into business. This makes parenting in the 21st century much
more challenging. Obviously, children are growing up in a world utterly different from the world we used
to know and a world that is changing even more. But It is believed that our insecurities are not supposed
to hold us down but should be a source of motivation to break through those strongholds. When we know
better, we do better. In spite of what parents go through on their parenting journey, they can rise up and
bring up excellent humans, who will identify their gifts through our love and guidance to make their
world a better place.

Morals and values in schools


We should be teaching morals and ethics in our schools.

Before talking of grit and resilience, we should be challenging our children with the fundamental questions about how they live their lives.

Daily, we read of actions and behaviors that show an absence of self-regulation and a lack of integrity, morality or any sense of social responsibility.

Beating Exam Stress


Anyone aspiring to achieve academic excellence and striving to give their best goes through exam stress. It is unavoidable and with all certain circumstances, using it constructively or otherwise is in our hands. First of all, the reasons for exam stress are to be analysed – peer pressure, high expectations from oneself or parents, lacking confidence or preparation are among the few.  It is important not to let exam stress get the better of us, but use it as a step ladder to optimise our performance. There are ways to reduce exam stress and to channelise the energy we spend in stressing ourselves out.

Why Ethics in School is Important


Values are rules from which we make our personal decisions about what is right and what is wrong, good or bad. Values help direct us to what is more important and past what are less important. This helps guide us when making decisions.

Ethics and ethical behavior are no less prevalent or important in education.

Building Character in Your Child Helps them to be Successful

Success in a child’s life is a distinction in sports, education or any field that the student may choose to be a career. Success for an adult is climbing up the professional ladder. In this fast-paced and competitive world, there is rarely time to preach about integrity and happiness. While the majority of us religiously follow the rules for family bonding time, take the frequent vacations, how much of character building does happen? We advise our children on etiquette and behavioural ethics, but how much do they absorb?

Career Opportunities for your Kids

India has come a very long way in education and career. There used to be a time when the choices used to be restricted and forks in the road rather few. It was science, arts or commerce, and consequently career options were restricted and were based on these educational qualifications alone. But in the recent years, the education and career scenarios have shifted dramatically following the expanding demands and talents of the generation.

How to Handle Your Child's Academic Pressure

Exams or not, holidays or not, academic pressure plagues children and parents alike. It’s as if their entire life depended on it. Or does it? Why do we lay such stress on academic excellence? What happens to that section of the population who are not proficient enough? After all, it’s common knowledge that there can be only one topper? Then why are we all running a race without giving any thought as to why or how? Why is our inherent herd mentality which was meant to be a survival skill driving us to doom?

Say No To Bullying

Bullies are everywhere. Being bullied while being perceived as being victimized does have serious and lasting consequences on the psyche. But the victim is not the only one who undergoes trauma. Addressing the issue from the root cause starts from the bully as he/she is has some grave psychological imbalance to go to the extent of finding solace in others’ misery with dominance.